Hotel With Club Floor in Bangkok – Paradise on Earth

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Exclusivity is the name of the game when it comes to the hospitality sector. Every hotel with reputation would like to offer certain special facilities to their privileged guests. One such is having dedicated floors as ‘clubs’ in the hotel, with an attractive nomenclature. A typical hotel with club floor in Bangkok, for instance, would boast of some top-class services. Many of these might even come as compliments. If you are keen to enjoy such exclusive hospitality on your next visit to the Thai capital, check on the possibilities and details of the offers, you can bargain for.

Special Services on the Club Floors

Hotels will normally earmark a few top floors on their property and name them Club Class somewhat similar to what you get to see with the airlines. The rooms or suites on these floors would have a completely different description, décor, interiors and so on, as compared to the normal accommodation offered to the guests in the other parts of the hotel. Some of these Club suites might even be named after celebrities just to make it exciting for those booking the rooms. A Lionel Richie or a Madonna fan might find it interesting to occupy a suit with their name just for the kicks. With people’s tastes differing widely there would be some enthusiasts looking for one of the celebrities all the time.

Besides this, the Club room guests will enjoy some common and some special services on their floor. The complimentary breakfast is usually the norm than an exception. There will then be the complimentary drinks (for 2) and some happy-hour free drinks at the bar. There would also be a mini bar in the room with some beverages on the house. What’s more, the hotel with club floor in Bangkok will permit these special guests of theirs to check in and check out all 24 hours.

Rooms Also Have Special Treats

All the rooms which are on the Club floors are presented with some exquisite arrangements and provisions inside. The beds would be of king size; Wi-Fi and the Internet in the rooms, an electronic safe so that you can lock your valuables and/or cash. The mini bar as mentioned and bathrobes with slippers are the norm as well. There will also be an iron table and iron and also provision for making tea/coffee.

Once a Club Member – Expect Rewards Forever

Every hotel with club floor in Bangkok, would want to retain their customers, especially the Club class customers. To this extent, the guests choosing to stay in the Club floor rooms or suites get to enjoy generous discounts on their food and beverage bills; whether it is room service or billed at the restaurants. Many hotels extend the discounts to the guests even when they return and perhaps receive more loyalty points and bonuses for the subsequent visits and stay. Every visit you can try out a new suite and feel all new about the experience. The hotel might gift you a souvenir to keep, when you check out. Maybe you could make it a hobby to collect them and have a showcase full of them.

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